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3D Methods
stereo scope (looks at two pictures at a time)
blue/red glasses
polorized light filters (movie) disneyland
shutter method (movie) imax
what else... holograms uses a type of polorized light

Just went to the 3d imax. pretty cool. i wore these large sunglasses type things. you activate them by pushing a button on the side. they use some type of see through lcd to block your view to one eye, and then the other. The movie is interleved with two views, one from a "right eye" and one from a "left eye". Pretty sweet. but the frame rate was too slow for fast movements. I'd imagine the lcd lenses are too slow for a more fluid picture. must say its very cool. i cant wait to play quake with stereo vision. read more at

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    Do it yourself steriovision, let your eyes cross, then focus on the center image. Try to make it so you cant see the other side from each eye. The closer the pictures are together is easier for me.

    JPS file

    Grand Cayon in 3d
    Click for Color orGlay version.


    Below is a view from behind some polerized lenses. You can see through one eye, but not the other at a time.